Storm Defender Patented relief for your pets from thunderstorm phobia

How To Order

To make sure you purchase the correct size cape for your dog, measure your dog according to the illustration at right and use the chart below to find the right size cape.

Cape Sizes
  Size Length Girth
  Tiny 7-10” 13”-16”
  X-Small 10-13” 14”-20”
  Small 13-16” 15”-22”
  Regular 16-20” 18”-25”
  Large 20-25” 22”-34”
  X-Large 25-30” 24”-36”
  Giant* 30+” 30”-41”
*The GIANT Size New Cape
is currently Out of Stock

Order a Cape

Note: You can order the previous cape design at a discount while supplies last.

What size is right for your dog?

Measure your dog's
Length (from collar to tail)
and Girth (around chest).

Find your dog's cape size in
the chart to the left

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The patented Storm Defender cape is guaranteed to give your dog relief from thunderstorm phobia or return the cape for a full refund. Follow the instructions for three good thunderstorms before deciding.

Storm Defender is protected under U.S. Patent No. 6694925.
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